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Hi Andrea,
Rick and I want to thank you and Alan (again!) for making our trip to New Zealand absolutely wonderful!  We had an extremely good time and really enjoyed your beautiful country.
From the very start, you went out of your way to make sure our trip would be great!  You patiently answered all our questions (and you know we had a lot!), you picked us up at the airport despite the fact that we were arriving very close to closing time for you and you helped us map out a route that would allow us to make the most of our time in NZ.  Thank you so much for all that!
As we said when we left, we have no hesitations in recommending your company to anyone who wishes to rent a motorcycle in NZ.  You guys are absolutely great!
Franciene & Rick hired 2 x BMWF700GS November 2016

Hi Andrea,

Just a quick one to thank you and Allan again for your great service and fantastic bikes on our recent trip around the south island. From our very first email contact with you, through to your ferrying us back to the airport, everything went smoothly.

It was such a change after recent experiences in Vietnam and Thailand, to have bikes that were so well maintained and prepared for us. A real credit to Allan.

Andrea, you have a great business, with excellent bikes backed up with outstanding customer service. We will be happy to spread the word about Kiwi Motorcycle Rentals in Australia.
I hope you had a good Christmas and wishing you a happy new year with all the success you deserve.

Regards, Terry

 I appreciated the extra effort you went to accomodate us in opening early, and staying open on the Sunday upon our return from five days away.
Regards Kelvin
Having ridden and hired bikes in a number of countries, it was great to experience the service from enthusiants such as yourself and your husband., both passionate about ensuring your clients recieved a great deal.
Simon's spring Tour of the South Island
Check this video out.  Thanks Doug
Hi Andrea & Allan,
I would just like to say that I really enjoyed the two weeks spent in N.Z. and the extra guided tour of Christchurch that Andrea conducted when we returned the bikes.
Having a chat over drinks and dinner really capped of a great holiday, thanks.
Thanks again and I will recommend your company to anybody that is thinking of going to NZ.
Hi Andrea and Allan,
Sorry it has taken so long to get in touch. Hope you are back in your shop and back to as normal as possible after the earthquake. We are still telling everyone what a fantastic time we had in New Zealand; Motorcycling is the only way to see your wonderfull country. I am missing the Zephyr 750. It was the perfect bike for me and now thinking of changing my CBR! The trip was made for us thanks to the hassle free organization of your company, transport from the airport, well maintained motorbikes, pre trip package. hard luggage (Tim now a fan), tank bag. friendly faces even after the quake, We are hoping to go to Australia next year, it has a lot to live up to! Thanks again.
Claire and Tim

Hi Andrea,
I am still stoked about the great ride that you guys made possible on the South Island of New Zealand.  Here is a link to a post I made on i-BMW.com, which is a web forum for a bunch of crazed K-bike riders:
Scroll all the way to the bottom. 
Thank you for a really fine motorcycle ride.
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Hi Andrea and all!
Greetings from Atlanta! Thank you for sharing your update as well as ATB's thread on i-BMW.com. It appears we both rented the same GS! Hopefully ATB did not suffer from the Kia bird curse like Allen and I did!! It made me want to say, "Here kitty kitty kitty." ;>)
In case you might be interested, you can view my "New Zealand Spender" gallery located on my SmugMug 
photo galleries at: http://beemerman.smugmug.com/  
New Zealand is a land of enchanting scenery, wonderful people, great food, and more sheep than I have ever seen. If given the chance I'd endure the grueling flight back in a heartbeat and rent from Andrea another GS from City Motorcycle. Two thumbs up for City Motorcycle!!
Best to all!
Jeffery L. Yost
Vintage BMW Motorcycle Owners
Cumming, Georgia

Now back home we unfortunately still have snow here in Hamburg but desperately looking forward for the spring time to arrive these days.
We don't want to miss to say thanks to all of you guys for the great service around the bike rental. Especially to Andrea for the free airport-shuttle that we really appreciated!

See you next time,
best regards from

Elke and Arne

Mount Cook Motorcyle
Dear Ms. Andrea Ladbrook

Thank you for e-mail me.

Mr. Hidehiro Tsukakoshi and his party were very happy to have nice trip in New Zealand.
For them, everything is so amazing in New Zealand; of course, they had the nicest motorcycle from you.
After they got back to Japan, they are talking about New Zealand and their motorcycle trip. Therefore, they took a lot of picture during their trip in New Zealand.
Please check attachment file.
Everybody enjoy New Zealand, thank you for your support.

Thank you very much.

Toshiaki Taira

I would like to thank you very much for your service and support that made my trip to NZ unforgettable. The bike ran very well and your information and the organization were perfect.

If you need any reference, please feel free to name me.

Hope to see you again

Olaf (37UUF)
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