Motorcycling through New Zealand

Are You Dreaming of Cruising Endless Winding Roads Surrounded by Breathtaking Views?

If so, New Zealand is the perfect place to live out your motorcyling dream holiday!

New Zealand is the ideal destination for adventure touring; experience a variety of scenery around every bend, enjoy excellent road conditions and feel safe with low traffic levels. Add to this, a wonderful selection of accommodation options, great cafes and friendly locals and you have all the ingredients for a memorable holiday.

South Island


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The NZ scenery is forever changing. From long straight tussock verged main highways, to twisty rain forest roads, stunning fjords, magnificent mountains, glaciers and rugged coastal splendour. Where you feel dwarfed by the magnitude of nature herself.

See New Zealand by MotorcycleYou can even ride through "Middle Earth" where the incredible movie's "The Lord of The Rings" and "Narnia" were filmed.

State Highway 1 runs the length of New Zealand, from the top, Cape Rianga, to Bluff in the deep south. Often referred to the "Great Grass Highway." You can ride on smooth tar sealed roads or well maintained gravel (unsealed) roads that take you right through the back blocks of New Zealand. Where the untouched New Zealand draws you in.


The most common comments made by our motorcycling clients are "the roads are empty" and "stunning scenery overload."

New Zealand a time and place of its own.  Come and ride the fantastic roads New Zealand has to offer.  North and South Islands.
New Zealand with its breathtaking scenery, as diverse as the local people you will meet, is the ideal location for a wonderful motorcycling holiday.







North Island, NZ



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The North Island has a slightly more temperate climate with spectacular beaches, golden sand, with the pohutukawa over hanging coastal rocks and cliff formations, becoming a common view.

Motorbike ToursStunning twisting roads, that in-tangle some of the most amazing scenery on the face of the earth. With the beach on one side of you and the greatness of the land and some of the oldest forests in New Zealand on the other you are sure to enjoy the North Island.



Natural hot springs and great lakes and mountains can be found on both islands in NZ.

No mater where you may stop in this paradise we call home, you will feel free, refreshed, vitalised, welcomed and comfortable.

So take a step back and relax. Let us help you organise your motorcycling adventure trip of a life time.

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